Frameworks — Cracking The Perimeter

Joas Antonio
1 min readJun 6, 2021


After performing an Adversary Emulation, how can I ensure that my security controls do not evade any unknown or serious vulnerability?

Enter the cracking team The Perimeter, which focuses on developing sophisticated methods to test a specific control or solution. In addition to testing 0days and hunting for vulnerabilities in the solutions used within the organization, in order to find vulnerabilities before criminals and launch a correction and risk treatment plan, together with its suppliers and partners.

In addition to delving into false positive tests that the Red Team team reports, through Vulnerability Analysis and Testing, 100% focusing on looking for unknown vulnerabilities, requiring knowledge in Exploits Development, Buffer Overflow, Binary Exploitation, Reverse Engineering and the like.

Cracking Pro The Perimeter, he’s also side-by-side with the Threat Hunter team hunting down vulnerabilities, analyzing CVE and scouring the market for selling exploits.

This is one more step that Red Team takes, where professionals specialize and develop in the area. The name Craking O Perimeter is a reference to former OSCE Offensive Security training. It is a concept that is being developed little by little.